Facial Beauty Harmonics: Introduction

What is Facial Beauty Harmonics? Simply stated, it is a technique to use harmonics of various substances (stones, essential oils, color light) on the face to enhance one's natural beauty on both the inside and the outside. What is interesting about this technique is that while the external beauty takes time and repetition, the inner beauty is felt and expressed immediately! 

This technique is a blending of Eastern energetics with Western anatomy and physiology. In other words, it blends the human body with its biofield which deeply penetrates the body as well as extending beyond it! There are many sophisticated skin care products on the market today, but most of them do not penetrate the skin beyond the epidermis. How can they help your skin when they do not get into the 'business' layer, the dermis? And even deeper than that into the Hypodermis? 

With the simple addition of some frequency to add 'push' and color to direct how deeply to push, you truly feel the optimal support that your skin care products can give!  Color light penetrates into the dermis and is a subject of active research at this time. It is thought that the longer wavelengths such as red and infrared penetrate the furthest into the dermis, while the middle and shorter wavelengths penetrate into the dermis and epidermal/dermal junction.

Three particular color wavelengths have been studied more than others for their effects on skin support and rejuvenation: red, infrared and amber. These color lights are used in medical facilities all over the world to speed up healing from skin conditions. If you search online, you will also see many 'light therapy' sets of LED light to take away your wrinkles and help you look younger! But there is a problem with these popular light sets source of light. They all use LED light, which is monochromatic, which means there is only one frequency wavelength that will be shown. Additionally, LED light is far too strong for the human cell to integrate! It would be like shouting into a person's ear with a megaphone; it would hurt! 

A better light source is incandescent, which is as close to daylight as you can get without using the sun itself. Not only is it gentle, but it allows a range of wavelengths to make up the core frequencies you are seeking.

Stay tuned: Next time I will talk about how the addition of crystal enhances the light's penetration and transformation support!

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Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett, M.A., M.D., has been offering Integrative Medical care since 1995 and has treated thousands of patients from this perspective. For over 20 years she has specialized in Women’s Health Care, utilizing unique combinations of herbs, essential oils, color light, and tuning forks with western medications to help bring her patients to a better internal balance.