Facial Beauty Harmonics: Emotional Release

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2019

Facial Beauty Harmonics with Color Light supports the natural vitality of healthy skin, and the use of vibration/frequency is common with many other beauty support systems (we use tuning forks as well).  A study showed that 65% of women aged 18-65 think they have wrinkles, and that women begin worrying about signs of aging at the age of 29! Wrinkles and sagging are the top two concerns. So it seems clear that there are a large number of women who are very concerned about their facial appearance and how it reveals their aging process!

I'm a woman. I'm aging. I 'get' this concern! But as important as one's outer appearance can seem at times, truly it is the 'inner' beauty that ultimately contributes the most to our outer appearance and even to our health. How do we increase our inner beauty? I'm not talking about taking more time to meditate and be zen, or eating more organic food prepared in a mindful way, or even doing yoga with breath work. These things are indeed wonderful activities to support your health and well-being! But I am talking about enhancing the free and natural flow of your electrical magnetic energy (Qi) - and doing it in a way that releases the toxic build-up of emotional garbage that has accumulated over the years. There are specific ways to do this, and many acupuncturists know exactly what I'm talking about.

Briefly stated, traumas enter energy channels through special points on the body which are like closets or collecting ditches whose job is to put things out of sight when it is not convenient to deal with them. How many of us have had shocking news and had to put our initial emotional response off to the side so we could take care of the emergency? The problem with this situation is that we may not get back to the traumatic response to fully experience and release it.  Sort of like shoving things in the hall closet when you have unexpected company and you want your home to look immaculate! Then when they leave, we forget that we tucked things away in the closet under the stairs and so it stays there.  For months and months, perhaps years. This sort of thing happens over and over again until one day we may look for things which we tucked away and will find them stashed into that corner of the closet.

Energetically, what happens in life is that we keep putting things into these storage channels, and they get FULL. Eventually, they have no more room, and we can't put things into them anymore. As a result we may become more easily irritated, have more volatile emotions.  The stuffed storage channels will empty themselves out the 'back door', so to speak, allowing the energetic pathology to go deeper into the large joints, and even into the organs. This is when we see the physical signs of disease along with obvious aging signs on the face.

One well-known example of an emotion linked to a facial wrinkle is the Suspended Sword. This wrinkle will start out as a dynamic wrinkle (simple muscle contraction) between the eyebrows (Corrugator Supercilii muscle).  It is linked to the emotion of anger and frustration associated with the Liver and Gallbladder meridian systems.  If anger is overtly expressed, there will more likely be grooves at the inner corner of each eyebrow. If one's anger is kept inside and a sense of frustration is experienced, a single 'suspended sword' between the eyebrows will be seen. Over time this dynamic wrinkle can become static as loss of collagen and elastin takes place, and the toxic emotional reaction becomes habitual. 

So here is the question: if these wrinkles and blemishes on the face are caused in part by the flow of toxic Qi to deep energy levels, can this flow be reversed back out again? Can we 'release' these facial signs with Color Light and other frequency tools to have the corresponding emotional release that moves from the Organ system back out to the large joints and then ultimately releases from the sinew channels?

One of the first responses to a Facial Beauty Harmonics session is to feel a 'lightness' of being, and a luminosity is seen in the face. The more sessions one does, the lighter and freer people say that they feel. If you alternate the Color Light self-care treatments with Tuning Fork and Stone treatments, there is the added benefit of toning the muscles using special facial points. These responses support the premise that we can indeed reverse the flow of old, toxic emotions that have been stuffed away for too long.

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Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett, M.A., M.D., has been offering Integrative Medical care since 1995 and has treated thousands of patients from this perspective. For over 20 years she has specialized in Women’s Health Care, utilizing unique combinations of herbs, essential oils, color light, and tuning forks with western medications to help bring her patients to a better internal balance.