Facial Beauty Harmonics: The Face 1

The face can be approached in a number of different ways based on its structure because it:

  • is generally symmetrical
  • has basic shapes (round, square, and so on)
  • has bones that define 'mountains' on the face
  • has openings that can be considered 'rivers'
  • will predictably develop wrinkles in specific places
  • can be used to express emotions
  • and much more

When one is considering how to enhance the natural beauty of the face, most people consider only the skin. There are many products available that focus on the skin: exfoliation, hydration, toning, and so on. They are definitely useful, especially when used in combination with high quality skin care products (we will have a blog about this topic later!).

Some facial systems look a little deeper, and give advice about the food you eat since good nutrition is a cornerstone of good skin.  The skin is a major organ of the body, and one of its most important functions is to cleanse the body when other organs cannot handle the load. This is especially true in terms of chinese medicine, where skin outbreaks are a sign of internal Dampness and frequently Heat.

But the AromaSounds system of Facial Beauty Harmonics is different.  Yes, we look at the skin, the diet, and even the muscular structure of the face. But we also support the energetic structure of the face: the flows of electro-magnetic energy, the places where this energy pauses and pools, and the facial terrain where we can 'ride the wave' of the mountains and rivers!  And, best of all, the western anatomic structure is integrated with the eastern energetic structure.

The shape of your face will reflect your energetic heritage from your ancestors, and should predict certain personality styles. For instance, if your forehead is the most dominant part of your face, you may have primarily Wood element concerns. These would include things like headaches, muscle spasms, skin outbreaks as signs of imbalance. Wood, like bamboo, must be flexible, always changing like the Wind.

A Fire element person is most likely to have dominant cheeks with issues that concern the tongue: stuttering, dyslexia, and speaking one's truth.  Honor is extremely important to the Fire person!

The jaw and chin are most dominant for the Earth element, who likes structure in life with boundaries to contain it. Dampness may trouble the Earth and result in concerns like fibromyalgia and the inability to say, No!

If your face does not have a dominant mountain (forehead, cheeks, jaws/chin), it will be either oval (narrow) or round. The oval face reflects a Metal tendency, and their concerns often relate to skin rashes and intestinal issues. Metal does best with predictable lifestyles. Finally, the Water element has a round face and is the true lover of his own company! Water is the great exemplar of self-nourishing through solitary spiritual retreats.

Of course, most of us are hybrids of these five elemental types! Our faces as children may be the true heritage from our parents, while the changes in our faces reflect our struggles and pathways through life.

Next time, let's take a look at wrinkles! 

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Dr. Christi Bonds-Garrett, M.A., M.D., has been offering Integrative Medical care since 1995 and has treated thousands of patients from this perspective. For over 20 years she has specialized in Women’s Health Care, utilizing unique combinations of herbs, essential oils, color light, and tuning forks with western medications to help bring her patients to a better internal balance.