Playing with Octaves in Sound Healing!

octaves tuning forks Feb 03, 2019

So you’ve learned how to use the basic Planetary tuning forks, and you know their frequencies were derived from the work of Johannes Kepler in the 1600’s. You know they were brought up to audible levels through the Law of the Octave by mathematician Hans Cousto.  You’ve explored the various Body Systems of tuning forks, and learned how each planet has a relationship with parts of the body, according to physicians in the past like Marsilio Ficino.  The signs of the zodiac were believed to preside over the parts of the body, covering the body from head (Aries) to toe (Pisces).

But so far, you are still working in only one plane of the body; the ‘Ying’ level, in terms of Chinese medicine energetics.  How do you take your work deeper?  There are several ways to do this. The more complex method is to work with specific acupoints in combinations that tell the body your intention that the effect should go deeper. Perhaps you want to affect the level of the Marrow so you activate Luo and Divergent channels to reach the Yuan level.  As you might imagine, this approach takes quite a bit of knowledge and experience to be predictable.

So here’s a simpler way that is fun and easy to do! Working with tuning forks in OCTAVES can take the frequencies deeper into the ‘cellular’ level (Yuan) or bring it more superficially into the ‘surface’ level (Wei).  You can even take the frequencies higher to the ‘auric’ level off the physical body! We call this technique ‘layering’ of the frequencies.  Here’s how it’s done:

Choose a fundamental tuning fork, such as Om (136.10 hz), UT (198 hz) or ANY of the Sacred Solfeggio frequencies. You can even choose one of the four major Archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael or Uriel.  Use the "Essential" Kit for that frequency, for instance, the Essential Transformation Kit if you choose the frequency of RE. 

You will see that you have one long weighted fork (Low), two middle size weighted forks (Mid), and two unweighted forks, one that is long (High) and one that is short (Angelic).

  • Choose the place on the body where you will place them, such as on Kidney-1 on the bottom of the foot. 
  • Activate and place the Low fork on KI-1; keep it there for about 15-20 seconds.
  • Activate a second time and now add activated Mid fork at the same time for about 15-20 seconds.
  • Now Activate both Mid forks and place them together on KI-1 in similar fashion.
  • Next activate Mid and High forks, placing the Mid on the point, and spiral out with the High fork.
  • Finally, activate the High and Angelic forks, touch down on KI-1, and spiral out with both forks.

And if you want to work with the Planetary frequencies in this manner, your can add the LOW and ANGELIC Planetary and Earth Moon Kits to your basic Planetary Classic/Body Systems Kits (which are all in Mid and High frequencies). 

Follow this basic protocol when working in Octaves for a deeper, more supportive vibration!  And to learn more about using Octaves, consider taking one of our LIVE Raindrop Harmonics classes to learn how to use Octaves on Chakras!