Watermelon Tourmaline: Stone for Soul, Heart & Earth Stars

stones Jul 23, 2020

Watermelon Tourmaline: who doesn’t love it? Evoking memories of hot summer days, lying around on the grass or in hammocks and eating cool, refreshing watermelon - perhaps just freshly plucked from its vine. In crystal-loving circles, this tourmaline is valued as a stone for healing the heart and emotions while strengthening one's self-love.


All of this is true, and I have always been a fan of this stone. But Watermelon Tourmaline is extra special to me for several reasons. Not long ago I had a vivid dream in which an amazing specimen of this stone was presented to me by Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils. He was riding one of his powerful huge black  horses, totally in control of the high-spirited stallion. Since then I have pondered the personal meaning which Watermelon Tourmaline might hold for me.

This stone blends our three worlds of material life, spirituality, and the heart/love that holds the first two worlds together.  The green exterior of the stone could be said to represent the material/physical world, the 'Earth Star' in harmonic lingo.  It is the place of our earthly life full of the beauty and pleasures of this exquisite planet and the gift of Life itself! But it also contains the memories of our Ancestors and our family karma, sometimes the keeper of deep, dark secrets from the past. Too much Earth Star energy can bind one to this physical realm.

Usually there will be a white or clear 'rind' inside the green exterior, but it can be seen in various shapes and places.  This is the spiritual realm, the 'Soul Star' in harmonics. The Soul Star and the Earth Star have a type of duality between them, with Earth Star being dark and Yin and Soul Star being light and Yang. The world of the Soul Star is the world of light, symbols and color. Too much Soul Star energy can leave one without a sense of connection to his embodied life.

But it is the pink core of the stone that decides how the material and spiritual worlds keep a balance.  This is the Heart Star, that single cell in the High Heart which belongs to God. This Star guides us to turn the mirrors of our hearts to the higher emotions which all stem from Love: emotions like forgiveness, gratitude, hope, compassion, charity and many more. The purer the Heart Star is, the more likely one will have a life lived with Grace and full of abundance. If it is turned toward the lower emotions, though, one may have a life that is driven by ego, ambitions and acquiring material power, all of which stem from Fear and the world of limitation.

So what might this mean when it is applied to particular stones? Let's take a look at several amazing specimens and analyze their layers of color.

Here are several of the most common smaller, young Watermelon Tourmalines. They have simple and clear pink Heart energy supported in all directions by clear Soul Spirit energy.  Their green Earth outer covering is still interwoven with the clear Soul Spirit since they are newly born and have not made strong connections to the material world yet. 

Heart Star Ahhh..... Here is a superb stone! This slice of Watermelon is very large and comes from old stock of decades ago.  This Heart Star is receiving an immense amount of support from Soul Star as it works through and releases deep, old emotional traumas. Some of these traumatic memories may not even belong to this particular Heart Star, but may be coded in the Ancestral DNA (as witnessed by the tight connection between Heart and Earth in the lower right portion of the stone).  This stone belongs to a person who has suffered deeply and has profound potential for compassion of the highest degree.

Soul Star I love this next stone! It clearly has earthly concerns with its penetrating tentacles into the clear Soul Star, which is quite thick and well-developed.  Again, Heart is in direct contact with Earth in some places, meaning that the Heart Star is turned towards earthly concerns. The darker parts of the Heart Star are reaching out to Soul Star for connection and healing, while the Earth Star similarly has tentacles reaching through Soul Star. This stone would serve well a seasoned Warrior on the path of life and virtue cultivation. I see rainbows where life brings us unexpected miracles!

Earth Star This Watermelon Tourmaline is concerned primarily with the duality of spirit (Soul Star) and matter (Earth Star). While Soul Star is dominant here, Earth Star is encroaching on it. The Ancestors are speaking strongly in this stone - communicating to spirit and reaching out to Heart Star. The physical vitality is strong and holds the Soul and Heart Stars well. 

All of these stones are gem quality, high grade Watermelon Tourmalines, and should be made into jewelry that is used for spiritual growth. The undisputed Queen of this type of wearable power art is Julie Shaw.  Go to her Gallery at https://julieshawdesigns.com/ and see if you don't agree! She is currently designing a special piece for me with multiple tourmalines which I know will inspire and assist me as I write my next book, Earth Star, Heart Star & Soul Star: Weaving Your Destiny.

If you would like to know more about these Stars and their frequencies, take a look at this book on Amazon here and the actual tuning fork frequencies here.