Watermelon Tourmaline: Stone for Soul, Heart & Earth Stars

stones Jul 23, 2020

Watermelon Tourmaline: who doesn’t love it? Evoking memories of hot summer days, lying around on the grass or in hammocks and eating cool, refreshing watermelon - perhaps just freshly plucked from its vine. In crystal-loving circles, this tourmaline is valued as a stone for healing the heart and emotions while strengthening one's self-love.


All of this is true, and I have always been a fan of this stone. But Watermelon Tourmaline is extra special to me for several reasons. Not long ago I had a vivid dream in which an amazing specimen of this stone was presented to me by Gary Young, founder of Young Living Essential Oils. He was riding one of his powerful huge black  horses, totally in control of the high-spirited stallion. Since then I have pondered the personal meaning which Watermelon Tourmaline might hold for me.

This stone blends our three worlds of material life, spirituality, and the heart/love that holds the first two worlds together.  The green...

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Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies and Vibrational Raindrop Technique?


How did Vibrational Raindrop Technique meet the Sacred Solfeggio frequencies?

The story starts in summer 2012 when Hal and Girija Tropp from Australia came to the Young Living Convention in Salt Lake City. In those days I was a frequent speaker on women's health concerns, and Hal & Girija stayed after one of my presentations to say hello. They were also familiar with my frequency work and Hal gave me a CD of him playing didgeridoo. It was incredible!


We met the next day, and Hal played his 'travel' didg in the Salt Palace Main Entrance 'tower' with its circle of chimes within the walls. It was magical and transformative; the little tower room filled with people as his tones resonated with the chimes in the chamber!

Besides speaking in the Salt Palace, Gary Young had also invited me to give a workshop at the Young Living Farm that Saturday. I planned to do a brief lecture about frequencies, sound and the energetics of the body via acupoints, then devote...

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Facial Beauty Harmonics: Emotional Release

Uncategorized Jul 02, 2019

Facial Beauty Harmonics with Color Light supports the natural vitality of healthy skin, and the use of vibration/frequency is common with many other beauty support systems (we use tuning forks as well).  A study showed that 65% of women aged 18-65 think they have wrinkles, and that women begin worrying about signs of aging at the age of 29! Wrinkles and sagging are the top two concerns. So it seems clear that there are a large number of women who are very concerned about their facial appearance and how it reveals their aging process!

I'm a woman. I'm aging. I 'get' this concern! But as important as one's outer appearance can seem at times, truly it is the 'inner' beauty that ultimately contributes the most to our outer appearance and even to our health. How do we increase our inner beauty? I'm not talking about taking more time to meditate and be zen, or eating more organic food prepared in a mindful way, or even doing yoga with breath work. These things are...

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Facial Beauty Harmonics: The Face 2

Wrinkles! We all have them - but can they be 'erased'?  Before we answer that question, let's talk about the three types of wrinkles and how they are conventionally treated in Western medicine. 

Dynamic Wrinkles – are the most superficial wrinkles and are reversible. They are caused by muscle contraction and are commonly between your eyebrows, on the forehead, around the mouth and near the eyes as ‘crow’s feet.’  Many facial lines are caused by tight muscles and are not truly wrinkles!  Repetitive facial expressions like frowning, smiling and squinting causes some of the most common dynamic wrinkles. Botox is a popular medical treatment for people who simply cannot get their face muscles to relax. But isn't there a better way?

Static Wrinkles – are caused by sun damage, smoking, genetics, gravity, and loss of collagen and fat. They are in the deeper layer of the dermis and are commonly treated with injectable cosmetic fillers....

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Facial Beauty Harmonics: The Face 1

The face can be approached in a number of different ways based on its structure because it:

  • is generally symmetrical
  • has basic shapes (round, square, and so on)
  • has bones that define 'mountains' on the face
  • has openings that can be considered 'rivers'
  • will predictably develop wrinkles in specific places
  • can be used to express emotions
  • and much more

When one is considering how to enhance the natural beauty of the face, most people consider only the skin. There are many products available that focus on the skin: exfoliation, hydration, toning, and so on. They are definitely useful, especially when used in combination with high quality skin care products (we will have a blog about this topic later!).

Some facial systems look a little deeper, and give advice about the food you eat since good nutrition is a cornerstone of good skin.  The skin is a major organ of the body, and one of its most important functions is to cleanse the body when other organs cannot handle the...

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Facial Beauty Harmonics: Crystal

What else is unique about the tools used in Facial Beauty Harmonics? One of the most obvious pieces is the use of quartz crystal that is shaped into a dome for easy gliding along the skin. But why is quartz so significant? Let's talk about that!

Quartz has many wonderful qualities that can be useful in healing:

  • Piezoelectric effect - quartz produces a measurable electrical voltage when it is applied to the skin with pressure
  • The resonant frequency of the crystal will be shared with the other devices (the color filter in our case) in their oscillation
  • Responds to a wide spectrum of energies:  Heat, Light, Pressure, Sound, Electricity, Gamma Rays, Microwaves, Bio-electricity, and even the energies of Consciousness


According to Marcel Vogel*, a brilliant researcher into luminescence and the holder of many patents, quartz is capable of amplifying and directing the natural energies of the Healer. It organizes rays of incoherent light into a coherent, orderly...

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Facial Beauty Harmonics: Introduction

What is Facial Beauty Harmonics? Simply stated, it is a technique to use harmonics of various substances (stones, essential oils, color light) on the face to enhance one's natural beauty on both the inside and the outside. What is interesting about this technique is that while the external beauty takes time and repetition, the inner beauty is felt and expressed immediately! 

This technique is a blending of Eastern energetics with Western anatomy and physiology. In other words, it blends the human body with its biofield which deeply penetrates the body as well as extending beyond it! There are many sophisticated skin care products on the market today, but most of them do not penetrate the skin beyond the epidermis. How can they help your skin when they do not get into the 'business' layer, the dermis? And even deeper than that into the Hypodermis? 

With the simple addition of some frequency to add 'push' and color to direct how deeply to push, you truly feel the...

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Playing with Octaves in Sound Healing!

octaves tuning forks Feb 03, 2019

So you’ve learned how to use the basic Planetary tuning forks, and you know their frequencies were derived from the work of Johannes Kepler in the 1600’s. You know they were brought up to audible levels through the Law of the Octave by mathematician Hans Cousto.  You’ve explored the various Body Systems of tuning forks, and learned how each planet has a relationship with parts of the body, according to physicians in the past like Marsilio Ficino.  The signs of the zodiac were believed to preside over the parts of the body, covering the body from head (Aries) to toe (Pisces).

But so far, you are still working in only one plane of the body; the ‘Ying’ level, in terms of Chinese medicine energetics.  How do you take your work deeper?  There are several ways to do this. The more complex method is to work with specific acupoints in combinations that tell the body your intention that the effect should go deeper. Perhaps you want to affect...

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The Forgiveness Technique Part 2

tuning forks Feb 01, 2019

Here's a short video demonstrating the 'spiral' technique and a few other things described in Part 1 of the Forgiveness Technique!

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The Forgiveness Technique Part 1

tuning forks Feb 01, 2019

Here's a simple technique to focus your intentions on whatever area of your life that you choose! 

Watch the Video, then choose a stone, tuning fork and essential oil that fits your purpose.  If you are unsure about what fork, then I recommend starting with UT for emotional release, turning grief into joy, liberating guilt and fear.  

What area/chakra (neuro-endocrine center) needs emotional release? Choose those stones and essential oils.  Identify the emotion you feel when you focus on that area of your body. Fill in the appropriate words for the script.  Enjoy!


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