Vibrational Auricular Technique! Stones, Oils & Tuning Forks on Ears: Part 2

Uncategorized Jul 05, 2018

Here's Part 2 of Vibrational Auricular Technique! 

There are a few key points to remember:

  • Use diluted essential oils, which are in high resonance with reflex systems. These can be made as 'roll-ons' for easy application to the center of your palm, PC-8. 
  • PC-8 (Pericardium 8) is part of the Eleventh chakra of Power, and is a perfect point on which to activate your tuning fork.
  • Activate and apply the tuning fork with gemtip to the point on the ear for about 15-20 seconds. Do this three times per point.
  • Many of these points are actually tucked behind the fold in the ear; consider taking a class in Auricular Energy Anatomy for better point location and more fun!

To purchase bored tuning forks and gemtips of many types, look here!  

For more information on classes, look here!

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Vibrational Auricular Technique! Stones, Oils & Tuning Forks on Ears: Part 1


Our bodies are full of Reflex Systems! They are on the feet, the hands, the face, skull, and even the ears.  Acupuncturists have used the ears as a method of treating the body for many years, and its effectiveness has been verified in numerous research studies in China as well as the West. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that 43 of the ear points have proven therapeutic value! It has been used for conditions such as pain, addictions, internal disorders, emotional issues as well as for general balance and wellness.  

The ear's reflex system is formed by the image of a fetus or newborn turned upside down on the ear.  The auricular points which can be stimulated in a treatment are found where they can be seen by overlaying the newborn's image on the ear!

Vibrational Auricular Technique uses the 'vibration' of other substances in place of needles to stimulate the acupoint. Vibration usually begins with a tuning fork but may also include color and...

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Archangels, Tuning Forks & Blessings! Part 2

archangels Jun 28, 2018

You've watched the video with a brief introduction to Archangels in Part 1, maybe you've purchased a set or two of Archangel tuning forks. Now, what should you do with them?

In this video, I demonstrate a basic way to perform a Benediction over a person, using ANY of the Archangel nonweighted forks!  All of the AromaSounds forks are BORED, which means that you may attach one of our special gemtips to the end of the forks.  Gemstones add another dimension of intentionality to this Benediction, as do essential oils!  

You might consider using a red stone for Michael, such as Ruby, Red Jasper or Garnet. A deep orange Carnelian would also be suitable.

Gabriel does well with blue stones like Sapphire, Blue Topaz, and Aquamarine.  Remember, the more opaque the stone, the denser the energy field it resonates with!

All shades of green stones are in harmony with Raphael, such as Emerald, Peridot, and even Amazonite!

Finally, Uriel loves bright golds and yellows like...

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Archangels, Tuning Forks & Blessings! Part 1

archangels Jun 27, 2018

In this Blog, I'm posting a powerpoint video with an introduction to Angels and Archangels!  It's a little long - a little over 20 minutes - but I wanted to talk about the basic Ranks and Orders of Angels and how Archangels fit into the Big Picture! 

Angels are EVERYWHERE - in all the world religions and with more than 300 direct mentions in the Bible! They were created by God on the second day of Creation, after Light and the Heavens but before the Earth and its Creatures. 

There are Nine Ranks, or Choirs, of angels which are organized into three Spheres of 3 Orders each:

  • Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones - contemplate & adore God directly
  • Dominations, Virtues and Powers - fulfill God's plans in the Universe
  • Principalities, Archangels and Angels - interact with & serve humanity closely

One of the greatest scholars of Angelology was Saint Thomas Aquinas, and he literally 'wrote the book' on these Ranks and Orders of angels in the Middle Ages!  


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Color Light Meanings!

color light Nov 19, 2017

Here's a basic introduction to how many practitioners work with color and light:

Red has the longest wavelength but the lowest frequency. It is said to stimulate the flow of blood and circulation. Emotionally, red creates feelings of excitement and intensity and is associated with passion.

Orange is associated with ambition, energy, joy and happiness. Use orange to increase one’s self-esteem.

Yellow promotes learning and comprehension. It is an optimistic color and releases resentment and frustration.

Lemon promotes peace within, and can be used systemically like Green and Turquoise.

Green is the most common color in nature! It is the Physical Equilibrator and promotes contentment and tranquility.

Turquoise can be used to balance the entire aura and is the color of Wholeness.

Blue is cooling and sedative; it can be a color of inspiration, peace and tranquility.

Indigo promotes intuition and increases the effects of meditation.

Violet is associated with spirituality. It acts on...

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The Nature of Light!

color light Nov 18, 2017

Light has a dual nature; it is both particles and waves! What we see as visible light is a very small part of the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

Light is the fundamental physical basis of the universe! Light is visible radiant energy and travels through space at the speed of 186,000 miles per second. This energy is inaudible as well as invisible if it falls below 32 impulses/second. Its wavelengths range from less than 1/1000th of a millimeter to some that are hundreds of miles long. Unlike sound waves, light can indeed travel through empty space.

All living organisms emit a measurable low intensity glow known as biophoton emission. These biophotons are the way that cells communicate with one another! Light is Information!

The biophoton was originally discovered by Alexander Gurwitsch (1874-1954), who also originated the theory of a morphogenetic field which directed the development of embryos. But it was Professor Fritz Popp of the University of Kaiserslautern in...

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History of Color Light Healing!

color light Nov 17, 2017

Up to this point, our Blogs have been about the 'sound' aspect of vibrational healing.  But what about 'light'?

“And God said, Let there be Light!” – Genesis 1:3

Sound came FIRST and held the potential of creation. But creation itself came with Light! Many spiritual traditions identify Light with the creation process, even into modern times:

“I am the Light of the World” – John 8:12
“All life originates and develops under the influence of… light…” – Goethe
“All matter is frozen light.” – Bohm

The history of color and light therapy goes at least as far back as Egypt, where its use is attributed to the god Thoth. Persons were diagnosed as deficient in a color, then placed in a room which was infused with the necessary color. “Color cures” are listed on papyrus sheets from 1550 BC. In China it was thought that colors stimulated the various aspects of man: physical, mental and spiritual....

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Sacred Solfeggio DNA Miracles!

sacred solfeggio Nov 10, 2017

Are you ready for a Miracle? Here are the tuning forks you need - the Sacred Solfeggio Essential Kit for Miracles (DNA Repair)! 

Transformation and miracles (DNA repair)
The MI frequency is said to bring transformation and miracles into your life, to return human DNA to its “original, perfect state.” The process of DNA repair is followed by the free flow of electromagnetic energy/Qi. This increases our clarity of mind, awakened or activated creativity, and increased life energy. When a negative feeling is released (UT) and removed (RE) from our DNA, we prepare the way for the possibility of every problem (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) and inappropriate behavior based on old stuck emotions to quickly disappear from our lives.

Here's a guide to using any of the Essential Chakra Kits  and the template for Chakra Balance VRT is here.

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Preseli Bluestone means MAGIC!

preseli bluestone Oct 29, 2017

Here's a brief introduction into the magical Preseli Bluestone - used in the innermost circle at Stonehenge!  It is a stone that is not found locally at Stonehenge, but instead came from a sacred spot in Wales, over 135 miles away!  Merlin is said to have flown these stones from Wales to Stonehenge for their magical healing properties, especially when combined with the chalk of Stonehenge.  Watch the video to learn ways you can use Preseli Bluestone in your healing practice. 

The quarry in Wales is now a protected site, and Bluestone can no longer be mined from the area.  The stones we currently have are from 'old stock', and will not be replaceable when they are gone!  So if you feel drawn to Preseli, take a look at our Shop here.  And maybe you will be lucky, and there will be a SALE going on!




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Which Tuning Forks are Best? Part 4

aluminum tuning forks Jul 31, 2017


Let's talk about the tuning forks of AromaSounds! It's been a long road making the forks we use today, and not without some surprise curves in the road.

Initially, I created the system of using Planetary frequencies on acupuncture points while integrating the system into Raindrop Technique (the creation of Gary Young).  It was done as a 'fun' project to honor Gary, who was visiting Paducah in March 2011 for a conference to honor the opening of the Young Living Foundation.  I wrote and published the book, Vibrational Raindrop Technique, and spent many weeks seeking a tuning fork manufacturer who was willing to make the small numbers of forks I needed.

Finally we found a manufacturer of tuning forks who was willing to work with us! Preliminary forks were made, used, and tested, and were superb: tuned perfectly, holding up to intentionally abusive use, and priced affordably.  We activated the forks on concrete (don't do this!) to treat people at...

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