Which Tuning Forks are Best? Part 3

aluminum steel tuning forks Jul 30, 2017

So...Which is Better: Aluminum or Steel?

In summary, several makers of tuning forks for healing use steel forks, while most use aluminum.  Each brand claims that their metal is superior to the others in terms of purity of tone, loudness and longevity of tones.  They also say that their forks are made with “green” manufacturing practices.  One maker stresses that their aluminum alloy tuning forks create rich overtones, while another steel fork seller clearly states that their steel forks do not (and should not) have overtones.  According to them, if the forks did have overtones, they would no longer be tuning forks, but instead should be called “musical instruments.” 

Another maker says that aluminum tuning forks are softer than steel forks, so can be damaged in handling.  But, this same maker says, their aluminum forks are much harder than other aluminum forks on the market.  Unfortunately, there are also tuning fork...

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Which Tuning Forks are Best? Part 2

aluminum tuning forks Jul 29, 2017

In Part 2, let's talk about aluminum tuning forks, the different types of aluminum and how it is commonly used!

Aluminum Tuning Forks

John Beaulieu, a leading sound researcher, has pursued scientific research along these lines of comparison of steel vs. aluminum tuning forks.  He states that none of their aluminum tuning forks have been returned because of a loss of tuning, and says their use goes back nearly 30 years. “The argument that steel forks are better than aluminum forks for healing is without scientific merit," he says. "We believe that both steel and aluminum tuning forks work in the healing environment. We have chosen aluminum tuning forks because they are easier to use, more versatile then the steel forks, and less expensive."  Of course, there are others who argue that steel forks are better, and use unique arguments.  I agree with Beaulieu that both types of materials work in the healing environment, and the deciding factor...

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Which Tuning Forks are Best? Part 1

tuning forks Jul 29, 2017

Occasionally I am asked whether a person should use aluminum or steel tuning forks?  My answer is that it depends on how you plan to use them.   A lot is written about tuning forks, with various sellers promoting their particular forks as being the best and the only ones worth purchasing.  Very little actual information is given about their tuning forks as to exact specifications, making it difficult to make an informed decision. 

As the use of tuning forks becomes more widespread, I believe that a certain amount of “transparency” on this subject is crucial, both to promote informed decision making as well as to dispel misinformation.  In that spirit, here are some general guidelines about tuning forks, and specific manufacturing information about the AromaSounds forks.

Steel Tuning Forks

So let’s talk first about steel.  The stainless steel tuning forks made by one company are "hand-filed at a temperature of 20°C to...

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Eclipses and Vibrational Healing Tools!

eclipse vrt Jul 25, 2017

Are you EXCITED about the powerful Heavenly Event coming our way on August 21st, 2017? This will be the first Total Solar Eclipse seen in the continental United States in 38 years! If you are lucky enough to live in its Path of Totality, you will experience a sense of awe that is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people. And many of us will be using the calculated frequencies of the Moon's Dragon Nodes, the Saros Cycle and the Metonic Cycles with other planetary frequencies to tune in to this amazing event!

This Solar Eclipse occurs with the Dragon's Head/North Node in Leo 28-53. It can be either the opening for a lucky opportunity, a new beginning, that is energizing and life-enhancing OR it can be a time of toxic excesses and greediness entering your life - and its influence is long-lasting! Are you stuck in a response pattern that no longer serves you? How can you heal yourself and heal the ancestral trauma at the same time?

The Solar Eclipse has been an event evoking much...

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Which Essential Chakra Kit for What Purpose?

Uncategorized Jul 23, 2017

Here are some more ideas on what Essential Tuning Fork Kit you might use for various healing intentions:

Ancestral Family Karma: Earth Star chakra kit with oils like cedarwood, frankincense, atlas cedar, galbanum, myrrh, helichrysum, patchouli, spikenard, vetiver, rose, hyssop. Stones like diopside, purple jade, onyx, ruby, black tourmaline, preseli bluestone, petrified wood, amber, charoite, smoky quartz, tektite, tourmalined quartz.

Adrenal Balancing: 1st chakra kit such as UT/Emotional Release with oils like rosemary, clove bud, nutmeg, geranium, juniper, spruces. Stones like garnet, ruby, jasper, bloodstone.  

Hormone Balancing: 2nd chakra kit such as RE/Transformation with oils like clary sage, fennel, lavender, marjoram, blue yarrow, fleabane, myrrh, ylang ylang. Stones like garnet, carnelian, rose, ruby, agnitite.

Weight Management Balancing: 3rd chakra kit such as MI/DNA Miracle with oils like carrot seed, cypress, ginger, grapefruit, ledum, marjoram, vetiver. Stones...

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Essential Chakra Kits Overview

Lots of questions about the Essential Chakra Kits – how they are different from one another, and which one would be ‘best’ to start with!

So here’s an overview: they come in three different Systems – Planetary (Om), Archangelic (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel), and Sacred Solfeggio (Ut, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti). Each of these Kits has special qualities and applications.

Om – General overall balancer
Archangel Michael – protection 
Archangel Gabriel – blessing 
Archangel Raphael – healing 
Archangel Uriel – prosperity/abundance 
UT – Emotional release, 1st chakra
RE – Transformation. 2nd chakra
MI – Miracle DNA healer, 3rd chakra
FA – Harmony, 4th chakra
SOL – Solutions, 5th chakra
LA – Envision, 6th chakra
TI – Enlighten, 7th chakra

So I suggest you choose the area in which you think you work the most, and start with that set of tuning forks. Each set of forks will come...

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