Facial Beauty Harmonics: Crystal

What else is unique about the tools used in Facial Beauty Harmonics? One of the most obvious pieces is the use of quartz crystal that is shaped into a dome for easy gliding along the skin. But why is quartz so significant? Let's talk about that!

Quartz has many wonderful qualities that can be useful in healing:

  • Piezoelectric effect - quartz produces a measurable electrical voltage when it is applied to the skin with pressure
  • The resonant frequency of the crystal will be shared with the other devices (the color filter in our case) in their oscillation
  • Responds to a wide spectrum of energies:  Heat, Light, Pressure, Sound, Electricity, Gamma Rays, Microwaves, Bio-electricity, and even the energies of Consciousness


According to Marcel Vogel*, a brilliant researcher into luminescence and the holder of many patents, quartz is capable of amplifying and directing the natural energies of the Healer. It organizes rays of incoherent light into a coherent, orderly...

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