Sacred Solfeggio Frequencies and Vibrational Raindrop Technique?


How did Vibrational Raindrop Technique meet the Sacred Solfeggio frequencies?

The story starts in summer 2012 when Hal and Girija Tropp from Australia came to the Young Living Convention in Salt Lake City. In those days I was a frequent speaker on women's health concerns, and Hal & Girija stayed after one of my presentations to say hello. They were also familiar with my frequency work and Hal gave me a CD of him playing didgeridoo. It was incredible!


We met the next day, and Hal played his 'travel' didg in the Salt Palace Main Entrance 'tower' with its circle of chimes within the walls. It was magical and transformative; the little tower room filled with people as his tones resonated with the chimes in the chamber!

Besides speaking in the Salt Palace, Gary Young had also invited me to give a workshop at the Young Living Farm that Saturday. I planned to do a brief lecture about frequencies, sound and the energetics of the body via acupoints, then devote...

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